My colleague, Dr Tinashe Kapuya, and I have recently published a piece on Econ3x3, an independent forum for public policy debate, focusing on this trade question for South Africa’s agriculture.

Here is an abstract:

South Africa’s agricultural exports have grown significantly over the past two decades. Yet agricultural private-sector role players typically argue that the government has not done enough to open up new markets for ever-increasing produce. This failure has limited the country’s scope to grow exports beyond existing traditional markets in the European Union (EU) and the African continent. In markets outside these regions, private-sector players argue that the growth in South Africa’s agricultural exports has primarily been driven by productivity gains whose competitive advantage overcomes the costs of high tariff and non-tariff barriers. However, a review of South Africa’s trade agreements paints a different view, suggesting that private-sector role players might be downplaying the achievements of the past two decades.

The full article is accessible by clicking here.

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