There has been a lot of writing on the land reform subject since December 2017 when the ruling party (African National Congress) adopted the notion of expropriation without compensation. A number of analysts (myself included) warned of the unintended consequences of the aforementioned policy proposal.

The abundance of thought-pieces on the negative outcomes of badly managed land acquisition programmes have not been matched by ideas of how to address them.

In a recent discussion with Professor Mzukisi Qobo, Dr Tinashe Kapuya and myself briefly reflected on various pillars of land reform, teased out the key elements of the policy proposals, highlighted dangers of unintended consequences, and proposed some ideas on the way forward.

Here is a 40-plus-minute conversation. If you prefer not to listen to a podcast, here is an article which summarises our views on land reform. Enjoy and please send us your ideas and comments.

Professor Mzukisi Qobo hosts a weekly podcast on a range of issues from political economy, leadership, institutional change, and business and ethics, etc.

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